Operation Birthday Celebration 

Children's Picture Story Book

8.5 x 8.5 premium paperback book, gloss-cover finish, professionally bound and printed. 

32 pages of full color and illustrations.

The story introduces the characters Jesse and Bongo in preparation for their visit to your home. 


Each book is personalized with your child's (or children's) name, city and state.  Personalized information is integrated into the story and revealed when child or reader opens an attached flap. 

Bringing Jesse and Bongo to Life

The fun begins as you prepare for a visit from the story's main characters, Jesse and Bongo, by crafting your family's own Jesse (drummer boy) and Bongo (lamb) dolls.  This is a wonderful activity to include additional family members such as a grandparent or an older child. Operation Birthday Celebration can become an annual tradition passed down from generation to generation.  The characters crafted by someone special will add to the charm of the tradition. 


Jesse and Bongo's "journey to the manger" consists of daily activities and lessons involving the whole family.  The activities capture a young child's imagination and add delight to the holiday season.  Scenarios and activities always point to the truth of God's Word and the true meaning of the season. 

"Assignment Manual" (Parent's Handbooklet) 

Accompanying booklet gives parents / teachers tips for advance preparation to bring Jesse and Bongo to life, including ideas for making your own Jesse and Bongo dolls.
The "Adventures and Activities" section features daily scenarios and activities from December 1st through the 25th using Jesse and Bongo to encourage teaching and family time. 


You'll have the opportunity to join other participating families through social media.  Post your photos and adventures on the Operation Birthday Celebration Facebook page and share your creativity and fun with others! Click on the link and "like" the OBC Facebook page.


A Journey to the Manger