Angelika “Angie” Martin came to a personal relationship with Jesus at age seventeen and began writing out of necessity while studying drama and theater at a Christian college. A scarcity of published faith-based material inspired her to write short stories, skits, and scripts, which led to directing. The writing continued as she found herself surrounded by children while working as a community youth director at a military base in Germany and serving in other positions—Sunday school teacher, vacation Bible school teacher, YMCA summer camp director, and private Christian school teacher.

Drawn to the arts, Angie found writing allowed her to express herself creatively—whether a poem, song, skit, article, short story, devotion, lesson plan, or curriculum. Her most important life experience as mother and grandmother led to the challenge of finding a Christian alternative to the secular holiday sensation surrounding a magical Christmas elf. Her desire to see Operation Birthday Celebration in print also allowed her to try her hand at illustrating.

Serving as the women’s ministry coordinator at Colonial Heights Christian Church—leading Bible studies and organizing women’s events—keeps Angie in touch with the pulse of Christian women and mothers.  As the center director for Hope House, a crisis pregnancy ministry in Kingsport, Tennessee, she is able to merge her vocation and passion: mentoring women and spurring them on to discover a higher calling by experiencing the power of God’s Word. Created in the image of God, Angie believes we are all endowed with a sense of creativity.  The work of God’s people should always outshine that of the secular world.  Nothing excites her more than finding creative ways to share God's message!


Written & Illustrated by Angelika Martin

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