Bringing the CHRIST into Christmas through imagination, fun, and truth!


Christian families are looking for creative and doable resources for their young children that capture their imaginations, fuel their curiosity while teaching biblical truth, add a special and unique dimension to the

Christmas season, and bring the family together during a season of busyness and activity.

Operation Birthday Celebration meets those objectives by offering a faith-based alternative to secular stories and activities that are popular but not ideal for many Christian families.

This personalized book with your child's (or children's) name, town & state, feature Jesse, a shepherd-drummer boy, and his feisty lamb, Bongo that you handcraft. 
They ride the desert wind from Bethlehem to YOUR HOME to carry out a Christmas mission—25 days of activities and lessons—leading the family to find their way to the manger and discover the true meaning of the season. Their adventure ends Christmas morning with a joyous family birthday celebration for baby Jesus.


A Journey to the Manger 

​​When the Eastern Star shines bright and the desert wind blows,

Jesse and his feisty little lamb, Bongo, are whisked away from Bethlehem on a very special Christmas adventure.

Their assignment, Operation Birthday Celebration,

 is to lead boys and girls on a journey to the manger where

they will share good news and the true meaning of Christmas!

Children Ages 3 to 9

Children begin to exercise their imagination around age two and become inquisitive about the validity of fantasy characters such as Santa Claus about age eight. Merging fantasy and truth, Operation Birthday Celebration may become a tradition bringing delight and joy for years to come.

Parents and Grandparents of Young Children

Operation Birthday Celebration enables parents to provide a holiday resource that is entertaining while supporting Christian values and doctrine. Many parents are frustrated over the lack of quality faith-based resources that can compete with secular holiday materials taking the market by storm. Families are searching for creative, guilt-free methods to capture a child’s imagination and entertain while staying true to Christian teaching.

Children’s Ministry Leaders, Sunday School Teachers, Christian Pre-school and Elementary School Teachers, Childcare providers

Those involved with the developmental growth of small children will appreciate this tool to help bring Scripture to life and present on a child’s level such concepts as sin, a need for a Savior, God’s grace, and the perfect gift of His Son, Jesus.

Christian Home-school Community 

Operation Birthday Celebration offers an innovative educational tool to help children focus on and learn about the birth of Jesus through crafts, reading, and service projects. Older students can get in on the fun by making the Jesse and Bongo dolls, executing the daily adventures for the younger students, and bringing in their own creativity!  

Operation Birthday Celebration 

     A hillside outside the little town of Bethlehem buzzes with activity as a group of shepherd boys eagerly await assignments for a special Christmas mission. Each boy has a partner—a lamb that serves as his scout. This elite drum-squad has finished training under instructors Asa and Simeon and are gathered for final roll call. Jesse and his spirited lamb, Bongo—prone to exploring and playing games—are missing.

     Soon the team hears a familiar sound: Jesse is beating his drum and singing his catchy song, bringing his stray lamb home again. Jesse receives the last assignment, and in a flurry of excitement the boys reveal their destinations. When the Eastern Star is bright, they will ride the desert wind to locations across the world. Many boys and girls have not learned the real meaning of Christmas. The drummer boys and their scouts have only a few weeks to share the good news of Jesus’ birth with their assigned family before returning to Bethlehem December 25th.

     With excitement Jesse and Bongo discover the home they have been assigned to is YOURS!